When creativity meets innovation.

PRECISO is the latest invention by FRANCEHOPITAL!

PRECISO is the perfect combination of:
  • Precious materials, smooth volumes and essential lines.
  • Unique and versatile drawers, compatible with common ISO-systems.
  • Perfect geometrical harmony between components and accessories.
  • Vivid nuances live up among natural tones like grays and mauve.
Precision - Structure

Lateral extruded aluminium sides with either brush finish or in enamel. Back wall made of an aluminium and Polyethylene multi-layer which perfectly adapt to the working surface and to the polycarbonate/ABS injection molded base (*). This results in a robust, lightweight assembled structure of a remarkably high quality and precision.

Creativity - Drawers

Polycarbonate/ABS injection molded drawers in pearl-gray color, available in 4 heights 76, 156, 256 e 316 mm (respectively 3 - 6 1/6 - 10 - 12 ½ inches), which can be used either on ball bearing square rails or directly on ISO-sides in combination with ISO-bins and –trays 600 x 400 mm.

Innovation – Working surface

Spacious working surface (equivalent to a DIN A2 sheet) made of polycarbonate/ABS injection mold, with three rims (lateral and back) and an front lip with a specific anti-dripping function. The working surface features an innovative handle on the lateral and back side which offers protection from impacts and frictions against obstacles or walls.

Fantasy - Colours

Choice of 4 different colors that can be combined in many ways: to identify the function or the hospital department, to match existing furniture or wall colors, or just to simply add vivacity and bring a touch of color to the medical environment.