PRECISO Drawers are made of polycarbonate/ABS injection mold in pearl-gray color, with rounded edges and handles integrated in the front for gripping.

On the front of the drawer we have inserted:
  • Wide label holder, plastic protected
  • Interchangeable colored tag for fast identification of contents, available in nine colors.
All sharp edges or corners are rounded and all surfaces smoothed for easy cleaning

PRECISO Drawers can be used either on ball bearing square rails or directly on ISO-sides.

1) On square rails:

An original frame, mauve color, integrates the guide rails, and is compatible with drawers , ISO-trays/-baskets. In this way the drawers are easy to remove for cleaning and easy to change with ISO-trays/-baskets.

Ball bearing telescopic square rails are completely extractable, silent, with anti-tilting features and self-closing mechanism with air shock absorbers.

2) On ISO-sides:

Both Drawers and ISO-trays/baskets can run on ISO-sides, both have stopper.

Drawer technical data

610 x 470 mm / 24” x 18” available in four heights:
  • 1 module h. 76 mm / 3”
  • 2 modules h. 156 mm / 6”
  • 3 modules h. 236 mm / 9”
  • 4 modules h. 316 mm / 12”
Multiple drawer-bins in injection molded ABS plastic mauve colored are available in different sizes.

Capacity: 40 kg on rails, 10 kg on ISO-walls.

Drawer organizers can be arranged in more than a dozen combinations to organize the content of the drawers in a personalized and efficient manner.